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Memory Enhancer

Question: Which is more effective as a memory enhancer a natural plant or an artificially produced one? The variables are a natural plant like gingko biloba and the artificially produced memory enhancer memo plus gold which contains brahmi.

Answer: Why not look at products that contain Ginkgo? Below are a list of some of the more popular memory / focus / concentration / attention improving products. You can find them in local health food stores and the internet. 1. 2. Focus Fast is stimulant free and contains the most ingredients. Vivimind is the newest product on the market There are also a few others that are pretty good that you can find in the 'Wellness and Health' sections of the above mentioned stores, or even through google. It's a big market right now. The downside to that is ... there are a lot of crappy or 'cheap' products ... usually single ingredient 'wonder pills' or just a re-branded multi-vitamin. It's kind of easy to spot them because they just *look* cheap. As for food help ... Fish Oils and anything high in Omega 3s are considered 'brain food'. Also, small amounts of caffeine can help with CNS stimulation for short periods of time - just be sure to take it black! Putting anything inside it negates the affects.

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