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Mood Swings

Question: mood swings? i'm not bipolar or diagnosed with depression or anything like that. but lately i've been really depressed and stressed out , and i've been having these totaly crazy mood swings. one minute i'll be happy, and hyper the next i'll be sad and crying and then the next i'll be mad and pissed off. This doesn't usualy happen to me, it only happens when i get really depressed, like i have been for the past couple of weeks. I was wondering if there was any ways that anyone knows of to stop it, or cure it, or help it. Any suggestions?

Answer: If you literally mean minute to minute, you are probably not bipolar. Bipolar mood swings last for weeks at a time not hours and while a person with bipolar might seemingly have a mood swing minute to minute, it's more related to irritability than anything else. When someone is irritable or upset they can have the tendency to just fly off the handle over small things. In lay men's terms that's a mood swing, but it's not really. When someone is depressed, it doesn't mean that they *feel* depressed 100% of the time. You can have days of feeling fine for the most part yet still have depressive thinking, behavior and periods of feeling down or down right apathetic or crying spells and anger/irritability. Mood swings, but not really. You can see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. He or she may refer you to a psychiatrist, prescribe you antidepressants or to counselling.

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