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Multi-vitamin Supplement

Question: Is it safe to take a B12 supplement on top of a multi-vitamin? I am currently taking a men's health multi-vitamin. Is it safe for me to take a mild (500mcg) B12 supplement on top of a multi-vitamin?

Answer: I feel minx gave a great answer and I concur..they do work synergistally and taking one or the wrong amounts of one can throw the rest out a sequence. To insure you get good b vitamins from food, take nutritional yeast (torula) with granular lecithin (great source of choline and inositol) maybe a tbs or so in a smoothie, applesauce, nut butter. also spirulina or chlorella powder in juice or water is a good source or a supplement like Dr Richard schulze's superfood ( or a comparable formula..foods are much better than supplements which can be made form things like petroleum, sewage sludge, unabsorbable oyster shells or rocks etc. for interesting read, see what is in your vitamin/mineral tablets here These sources are super foods for the b vitamins and others..generally you can buy nutritional yeast, granular lecithin (both yellow) and spirulina or chlorella in the bulk in a health food coop or store.

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