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Question: muscle building? i am about 6 foot, 200 lbs, mostly fat, and 15 years old. i want to bulk up for football. should i start with cardio, lose weight, then start lifting, or do a bit of both or what? and what's the difference between building muscle and building mass. also any tips on work out sched's? and things like protein shakes or anything like that? i would appreciate anything and everything.

Answer: I recommend getting right into the bodybuilding. Having larger muscles also means the muscles will burn more fat while idle, so don't worry about the cardio or weight loss they will come over time and during football. Building muscle has been done by following certain fitness principles discovered overtime. Building mass means getting bigger, and can be done by increasing bone size, muscle size, fat, body organ sizes... there are millions of ways to increase your body size. Building muscle is just one way of building mass. This is a starting exercise plan to get results. WARM UP -move anyway until you start sweating, your muscles are warm/hot, your arms and legs are loose. With light stretching optional. MAIN WORKOUT Full body workout, No weights available: a. pushup (chest (tri-cepts,arms)) b. chinups (upperback (bicepts,arms)) c. crunch/situp (stomach/abdominals) d. squates (legs (lowerback)) OR Full body workout, Weights/equipment available (preferred): a. dumbel chest fly's (chest (tri-cepts,arms)) b. dumbel crunches (stomach/abdominals) c. dumbel squates (legs(lower back)) d. bentover dumbel rows (upperback (bicepts,arms)) FINISH UP Some stretching. Bodybuilding = 3+ sets, 12 reps = medium intensity = break between sessions at least 1 day Having a healthy food lifestyle means you eat more nutrient rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes that are more unprocessed. Nutrients help the body function properly and maintain peak performance. Have lots of protein. Good sources include fish, beef. And reduce high fat/sugar foods such as softdrinks, alchohol, fried foods, most fast foods, ice cream and potato crisps. Because excess sugar and fat, the body doesn't need, gets stored as fat. (Although for bodybuilding it is good to have some excess body fat to ensure your body doesn't break down your muscles to gain energy, when your food energy runs out). Plus their are detrimental ingredients that are in junk foods that halter you muscle growth. *essentials - a good plan - proper technique. do exercises correctly - drink allot of water - good nutrition - raise the intensity of your exercises slowly, to keep achieving more from your fitness program in the longterm. This can be done by adding more reps/sets/stress/weights/angle for exercises. - get lots of rest. so your muscles can grow. sleep for 8-10 hours a night. best hours are from 9pm-6am. Caution: heavy lifting can stunt growth in teens and kids Goodluck ^^)

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