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Question: What natural substances/vitamins can I take to help get rid of my allergies? I'm on 5 different allergy medicines, and allergy shots, but I still get sinus infections all the time, my eyelids swell, and I can barely breathe through my nose. What are some natural vitamins or other substances I could take that would help relieve my allergy symptoms?

Answer: Quercetin, vitamin C, nettle leaf tea, freshly ground with a pestle and mortar blackseeds [Nigella sativa], lemon balm, licorice extract, and garlic. Quercetin, vitamin C and nettle leaf all have some anti-histamine [anti-allergy] properties. Blackseeds help support the immune system in general. Lemon balm is anti-viral and licorice is anti-inflammatory and supports the immune system in general. Garlic is anti-viral and antibacterial and helps clear mucuous. If you drink nettle leaf tea, save the tea bags [don't wring them dry] and lie down with the cooled moist tea bags on your eyes when they feel inflamed. You could alternatively try this with chamomile tea bags. You could also try raw unpasteurised local honey if you can find a reputable supplier. Eat foods rich in antioxidants such as dark skinned fruits and berries....pomegranates are great this time of year. Don't take licorice extract if you have high blood pressure. Mention anything else you want to take to a pharmacist to be usre there will be no -drug interactions. A few folk remedies for sinus troubles: Best wishes.

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