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Nutritious Eating

Question: Is eating raw meat more nutritious than eating cooked meat? I know that when you cook vegetables, you lose some of the nutrients in the plant. Is the same true for cooking meat?

Answer: Um, no! In fact, eating raw meat(beef, pork, eggs, chicken, turkey, certain fish, etc.) can and very well may make you sicker than the proverbial dog. See, most raw meat has microbes and sometimes even parasites which can infect and infest humans!! EEEWWW, GROSS!! Imagine having a eight foot long worm or twenty floating around inside of your guts all because you ate some uncooked or improperly cooked meat. Think "Alien" 1-4 and then I think you'll understand why meat should be cooked thoroughly before eating. Except sushi. Sushi is best served near freezing in my opinion.

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