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Question: Physical therapy? I am a freshman and just completed my first semester of college and i want to become a physical therapy does anyone know schools for physical therapy and what prerequisites and gpa i need to get accepted, and is there anything i can do to improve my chances of getting into a physical therapy school i have a low gpa for my first semester

Answer: A list of all US accredited program is at the following link: You can get a link to each school's website as the prerequisites and GPA will vary slightly between schools. Generally speaking, however, it requires 2-3 semesters each of bio, chem, physics, psych and math. If your GPA is low, it might not matter if those were not in prerequisite courses (as long as you still meet the minimum GPA requirements). If you have anything below a B in the prerequisites, I would take them over to increase your GPA. As mentioned above, even though minium GPA is usually 3.0...most students who actually get accepted are usually closer to 3.5 Good luck

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