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Pipe Nuts

Question: Is there a tool to open faucet pipe connector nuts located under and behind vanity sink bowl? I am trying to replace existing vanity bowl sink from bathroom and when trying to take the faucets out, there are flexible pipes that connect at the bottom of faucets (to bring in cold and hot water). The nuts that connect those pipes to the bottom of faucets are in very tight space (behind and under the vanity sink bowl) and nut is screwed very tight to open by hand. Any ideas or tools to reach and open this nut so that the faucets can be take out and the sink bowl can be removed?

Answer: Yes, there is a tool which consists of a long handle atop of which is wrench type head which will clamp around the nuts you wish to loosen. This is available in any good local hardware store, or chains like Home Depot or Lowes. Some might even rent the tool so you wouldn't have to purchase it.

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