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Raw Food Diet Detox

Question: How much can a person lose in a month on the raw food detox diet?

Answer: Hi, When I started on raw food, I lost about 7lbs in the first 10 days. I did not want to lose weight as I started with it in order to be healthy, but the weight loss was a side effect. Desirable for most people, not so much for me – I had weighed around 100lbs to begin with. However, after a while my weight went back up – it stabilizes and becomes YOUR NORMAL HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT. It also helped that I did some weight lifting to build more muscle not to look bony – ‘cause I had actually got scared at how much and how quickly I lost weight before it normalized. The good part was and is that all the while I FELT GREAT (needed less sleep, skin cleared up, had more energy etc.) – which is what helped me stick to it instead of listening to my mom’s laments at how skinny I was getting – now she’s proud of me. “If you want to lose weight and/or improve your health, your only concern ought to be the DIGESTIBILITY of the foods you eat, NOT the calories or the fat content. The word calorie comes from the word Kilocalorie, which is simply a unit of energy, nothing more or less. Counting calories is not nearly as important as asking the question, “is this meant to be put in a human body?” If you are serious about losing weight and not gaining it back, this is the first question you will ask yourself before eating anything.” – that’s a passage from the book that started me off with the raw foods. Extremely enlightening. A lot of common sense and facts we don’t know, plus suggestions on what to eat. Link to book below.

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