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Resveratrol Capsules

Question: When and with what does one take Resveratrol capsules? I have begun to take Resveratrol supplements, but am getting conflicting advice on WHEN to take them, and WHAT to take them with. I have been told not to eat an hour before or after taking them, and I have also been told they are most effective when taken with fish and peanuts, and also been told to take them with Vitamin C and Fish Oil capsules. Any advice? And, with what liquid - Water? Milk? Tea? or.......?

Answer: Take as per the label. I would suppose that some are saying take with peanuts for instance because that is a natural source of resveratrol. Not sure why fish or fish oil as an accompaniment. But it may help vitamin C if taken alongside that. Holland and Barrett's [the UK-based GNC sister company] own brand label for Resveratrol [sourced from Japanese Knotweed root.....Polygonum cuspidatum] says to take with meals, preferably. You could take curcumin [turmeric extract] alongside resveratrol or take resveratrol alongside a meal in which turmeric was used....pilau rice for instance. This may have a synergistic effect [ ]. You can do a little more research if you like. Best wishes.

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