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Question: What kind of shape do you have to be in for the military to not accept you? I'm enlisting in the Navy in May. And I remember talking to my recruiter about six or seven months ago and he asked me what kind of shape I'm in... I'm in good, athletic shape. But I was wondering, what kind of shape you have to be in for the military to not let you enlist? Because I have some military friends who aren't in impressive shape at all.

Answer: There are certain height and weight requirements to be in any given branch of the service, they are different to each respective service. Each service also requires that you be able to pass an adjusted PT test before enlisting.....this requirement is strictly on paper though. Recruiters can simply write off that you passed the PT requirement. Once your in the military you need to maintain a more rigid height and weight requirement and be able to pass the service's respective PT test. However, again, this is on paper. Some people write their own PT cards, some units don't flag people for failing PT tests or failing to meet the height and weight standards. There are various reasons for this, some good, some bad. Nowadays with two wars going on it is unlikely one will be discharged for not meeting physical requirements once in. They should be flagged. If they aren't, they have an in with the CO/senior enlisted or on some kind of profile.

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