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Question: How to advertise prostate supplements to men 55+? We are a herbal manufacturing company. We specialize in mens health herbal supplements. What is the best way to advertise mens health supplements to men of age 55+? What will motivate them to call our order line? Is it the news paper ad, Radio ad or magazine ad? We want to advertise our products and couldnt figure out the best ad media. We want to advertise our prostate product which can help men of age 55+ get prostate relief naturally without any chemicals or prescription. Please advice.

Answer: Well, that's my age group. The History channel is a hit for us old farts; Discovery channel too. While I haven't joined AARP, they persist in contacting me. Speaking for myself, I have a pretty well developed BS detector, and this is a crowded field. Presumably you are using ingredients that have some studies behind them - those are things I look for; i.e. Saw Palmetto has a long history of success, so flash that on. (I swear by that stuff)

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