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Question: Stop Smoking? Does anyone have any advice on how I can kick Smoking without nicotine aids? been smoking 10 a day for 4 years. I am a nurse at a hospital and am trying so much to stop with fails. The last ever one always tempts me. any hints and tips? How can i get through a stressful 12.5 hour shift without the temptation of going out for a fag break with others? I do not believe in using patches or the gum Thanks -alec

Answer: I was a smoker for 13 years, during the last years reaching almost 40 cigarettes per day. What I did where two things: First I did the maths of the amount of money I was expending, this was in my case about 10 quids per day, £ 300 per month and a astounding 3650 pounds per year, and that was just too much, because that means that If I would saved the money I spent on my vice I'd have around £ 47000 in my bank account that's is a good down payment for the house I want to buy :D so this calculations definitely helped me, every time I wanted a Cigarette I just thought about my new flat. So my first advice would be to settle an objective or something that you want to buy with the money you are saving (believe me that helps) 2. - then I set my self a very special condition, this was: I know that most of the time I did smoke is because I don't have anything better to do, in other words they are just an excuse to keep me busy, for example when in front of the computer I smoke a lot but when I am really busy I smok less. So what I did was I cut the number of cigarettes down to what I really needed (physical need not just routine) and I realize this was between five and 8 a day. After that I pushed really hard and I reduced the amount to three (one after each meal) two months later I went to just one (after diner) and eventually my body rejected the cigarettes altogether and is great because now is my body whom rejects the vice. I have tried to smoke again but I can't is just horrible I feel really sick and the best of all is that because it happened naturally I don't mind other people smoking around me I just don't need it anymore. My final advice is when you go out for a break try to keep yourself busy with something that makes impossible having a cigarette like eating or assembling something (puzzes are great!) DO NOT GO OUT JUST TO TALK OR YOU WILL ASK FOR A CIGARETTE!!! I hope it helps.

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