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Super Foods

Question: What are the best super foods to have as snacks or to go in meals? Im 18, about 5"6 wiegh around 11stone and really want to loose some wieght my ideal wieght is meant to be 9stone11! i love food lots so dont want a serious diet but i would love to know wt the best super foods/ meals are to have to make some healthy but still tasty meals!

Answer: Well snacks nuts are always good and good for you. They are loaded with protein(if not salted to much.) For dinners you could always make chicken wraps they are good for you and taste good. What you need is chicken breast, flour tortilla, red bell pepper, red onion, garlic, cheese, and a can of black beans. Chop the chicken into little cubes and fry in olive oil, while your doing that chop up all your veggies. Throw the garlic in with the chicken and then drain and add the beans. When the chicken is done add in all the veggies and then add all the ingredients into the tortilla and add cheese wrap and eat.

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