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Synthetic Vitamins

Question: What are the negative effects of synthetic vitamins? What are the negative effects of synthetic vitamins? Should they be avoided? At this point I will not even eat a box of cereal if it has added synthetic vitamins. Anyone with any knowledge at all; please help me out.

Answer: There is nothing wrong with synthetic vitamins as long as you don't abuse them. Vitamins are found in many foods naturally and you can eat these foods as much as you wan't without any real negative effects (except for carrots you can actually start looking orangy if you over eat carrots for an entire month). The synthethic form of vitamins are added to foods to help people who don't eat enough of a variety of fruits and vegetables or grains to assure that they don't become defficient enough to become malnourished. They only real problem is when people become vitamin crazy and think they need a synthetic form of vitamins for everything they end up with vitamin toxicity. This usually doesnt occur with foods that have vitamins added to them since they are usually regulated by the FDA

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