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Question: transfat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? what is transfat and what are the arguments for and aginst it. is it bad good that sort of stuff

Answer: Trans fat is absolutely the worst type of fat you can eat It is without a doubt BAD. It is made by taking liquid fats and turning them sold by adding hydrogen and prcessing them (ex. Hard Stick Margarine). Manufacturers do it because it increases shelf life of the food. There are no arguments for it, only against it. Not only does it raise bad cholesterol, but it lowers the good kind. It has been banned in many cities because of the numerous risks it presents. Avoid it like the plague if you value your health. Keep in mind that not only items that have Transfat listed on the label contain them. If Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated Oils are in the ingredients, it contains under half a gram of trans fat per serving, so it is legal to say that it has none. However, I still avoid these foods because the small and "insignificant" amounts of trans fat add up over time and can still do major damage.

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