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Question: vacation....? i go to penn state and i am doing a project about how we do not have enough vacation time in this country. we only have about 3 weeks of vacation compared to australia's 6 and italy's 7.8. what can i do to change it? is it a business thing, a state thing, or an individual business thing. help me. please

Answer: You need research this topic a little bit more. We Americans are workaholics. We don't even use the vacation time we have available. I work in HR and the statistics are frightening in regards to how little time we actually take off work compared to other countries. I don't think it's a question of companies offering more vacation time, it's an issue of workers actually taking off. Most people I know have their laptop and Blackberry wherever they go, so people never really "leave the office" when the office goes with them. It would be an individual company decision to offer how ever many vacation days they choose to offer, however most companies that I know of aren't offering more than 4 - 5 weeks. Some union companies probably offer 6+, but that's if you've been employed with them for many years and today's workers aren't staying at jobs for 30 years like they used to. Around 6 - 8 years is average to stay at a job, so most people won't earn more than 4 weeks vacation in that time frame.

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