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Vitamin E Safety

Question: vitamin supplements for teens? to improve my performance in school i wanted to take some vitamin supplements i was planning on taking magnesium 150 mg vitamin E 250 IU Vitamin C 250 mg B1 (Thiamine) 15 mg B2 (Riboflavin) 10 mg B6 (Pyridamine) 5 mg Folic Acid 200 micrograms B12 - 50 micrograms If it would help I have my average day's food below: B 1 Bowl Cheerios, 2 egg whites L 2 PBJ sandwiches, nuts, yogurt S Apple or bannana, nuts D Meat (I usually have 2 1/2 card decks worth), salad, carrots, potatoes I was going to take a regular centrum multivitamin along with that (but if you compare the numbers the multivitamin in insignificant). I checked some statistics on the safety threshhold of these vitamins (the level where there have been no reputable reported cases of harm) and the amounts I have are significantly below). Is taking a lot of certain vitamins in proportion to others bad (would that cause an imbalance)? Also, should I alter any of the amounts? How often should I take them

Answer: Vitamin supplements are a Placebo. You are better off increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables.

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