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Well Water

Question: Well Water? Now I have fish I had a total of 20ish. I am down to two. I think it may be because I have well water. I have had fish before. I had hermit crabs in the tank before(I cleaned it treated the water and used the ick stuff before introducing the fish) and I wonder if it is because of the hermit crabs or is it from the well water. FYI i put nothing in the water besides those things and food please HELP! I am going to buy test strips sometime today what are some other reccomended buys. And how often do you clean your tank or do you at all. FYI One of the fish I have is a algae eater and the other is a striped tiger fish.

Answer: If you only just started you tank it need to be cycled - given enough time to develop beneficial bacteria to turn the ammonia of fish waste into nitrite and the nitrite into nitrate. This takes a month with only one fish in it.

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