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You Have Asthma

Question: asthma?????? my daughter who is 3 months old has asthma. what if she has an attck at night when she is asleep and im asleep. please give me any information you have as i am not very informed on this. no she has been diagnosed just yesterday they thought it was RSV but the tests came back negative

Answer: they don't diagnose actual asthma until after one year I was told. They are concerned my daughter *may* have it and we use an at home nebulizer as needed...sometimes every 3 hours when she had a bad cold. Use a cool mist humidifier, and sleep close. ***edit*** same scenario here...they did that swab test thought it would be RSV, and it was negative. She was very congested and with the colds she gets she has trouble fighting them in her chest...they go right to it. Her pediatrician said they would not diagnose asthma until one year (I have asthma) but if that ends up being the case they will have counseling about it and a slew of information on the "what to do's" Did they offer that to you?

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