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Soy Benefits

Question: Is Estrogen in Soy has good benefits in Humans? I know that many studies shown that soy can cause breast cancer but I don't believe that because Okinawans eats a lot of soy with soy products and they have the lowest rate of breast cancer and prostate cancer in the world. Okinawans also have the highest life expectancy in the world. But I don't care about the bad Effect of soy and estrogen. My question is, Is Estrogen in Soy has good benefits in Humans?

Answer: I don't think you can use a sole type of person / race as a basis for everyone. Those that live in Okinawa may have evolved to better process soy than people in other areas. That being said, I don't think the estrogen from Soy is very bad for men, but it can mess with a womens natural levels of estrogen. Also, in regard to Okinawans, it would also be important to look at many other aspects of their lives. What other foods do they eat and how many calories, how much exercise do they get, how much sleep, etc. There are many factors that would have to be analyzed to conclusively know that estrogen from soy is or isn't problematic. I don't know a lot about estrogen from soy, but it would also be important to know if estrogen levels in all soy products are relatively the same. For example, do soymilk, tofu, tempeh, and TSP all have the amount of estrogen? The processing of the soybean could potentially effect this...

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