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Question: Dough is a mixture.Chocolate chips can be put in the mixture. Do the chocalate chips become part of the dough? I think that dough is just a mixture of ingredients that will eventually be kneaded, and ultimately baked. I can't find any specification that says dough must be homogeneous or heterogeneous. When you add the chips, it's just one more ingredient to the heterogeneous mixture. Then you manipulate the dough, like the definition says, and bake it into cookies. I say that chocolate chips become part of a unified chocolate chip dough, while my friend says the chips are absolutely not part of the dough, because they are heterogeneous. Opinions?

Answer: Yes the chocolate chips become part of the dough and they make the dough so much better to eat. I am not sure about the dough lasting long enough to be baked though.

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