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Question: atp??????????????????????????????? Bio help??? 1) write a balanced chemical equation for photosynthesis. 2)is glucos actually produced by the pathways of photosynthesis of photosynthesis? why is it included in the equation? 3) name the three parts of the ATP molecule. 4)what must be removed when u link adenine with ribose?(what is removed from adenine when u join it w/ribose and what is removed from ribose when u join in with adenine?) 5)what is formed when adenine & ribose are joined? 6)what does the prefext ''tri'' refer to in ATP? 7)what is formed when u remove the last phosphate group from ATP? 8)what is given off when the last phosphate group is seperated from ATP? 9)what is chemiosmosis?what does it rely on? 10(how does ATP synthase make ATP?

Answer: bio help....go to biology...

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