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NutritionDecision.Com is your free source for nutrition information on almost seven thousand different foods. We have taken the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, we put it into a format that the average Joe could use. In fact, the format is much the same as what you see on the "Nutrition Facts" label that is shown on almost all food packages in your local supermarket. We also developed some tools to help you make the best decision about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Nutrition Decision

NutritionDecision.Com is where you can find information on nutrition, healthy eating habits, food safety, supplements, nutrition of specific foods, special diets, and have your questions about it answered. Learn how to defend your gut against sugar — without giving up the foods you love.

Eating Healthy Starts at Breakfast

Breakfast is important, and fortunately it seems like that message has finally begun to take hold. Recent data suggest that more people are likely to skip lunch than they are breakfast. But if you are a breakfast-skipper because you don't have time in the morning to eat, what can you do to get a nutritious start into your day, without having to get up extra early?

Let's take a step back. What does a “nutritious” breakfast consist of? (If you are thinking along the line of a couple of donuts and a latte, guess again.) The best breakfasts contain at least 400-500 kcalories, and include a source of protein as well as carbohydrate. This will keep your motor humming until lunchtime.

Nowadays people are looking for healthful breakfast items, items that are convenient and portable, too. In the past couple of years alone, sales of breakfast foods easily eaten with one hand such as energy bars, breakfast sandwiches and drinkable yogurts have experienced phenomenal growth. Food companies have responded to this demand with more and more healthy, convenience breakfast foods. Breakfast bars, or a bowl of cereal in a bar as they are often referred to, are extremely popular these days. If you haven't tried any, you are missing out! Keep in mind, however, that some pack more of a nutritional punch than others, so be sure and read package labels carefully prior to purchasing.

Weight Maintenance - Eating a Healthy Lunch

Whether you are at home or at work, eating a healthy lunch should be an important part of your day. A lot of people, especially those working in an office environment, have acquired poor eating habits. Their daily diet often constitutes of pastries, chips, and fast food. Anyone who has ever worked in an office is well aware that morning doughnuts are difficult to bypass. However, these types of eating habits can lead to obesity and other major health related problems. Healthy eating habits are important for everyone, including your kids. In this article I will provide several ideas for healthy lunches.

The best way to protect yourself from consuming excess calories is to bring your own lunch from home. When we do this, we have better control of the amount of calories that we eat in a given day. Packing your own lunch can be fun and easy. You can be very creative and make anything from fun and colorful salads to delicious whole wheat wraps. Another important thing to remember is to eat a hardy breakfast at home. An office meeting room often has various pastries; the best way to avoid the craving is to eat a well balanced meal at home. Be sure that your breakfast includes protein and fiber. Both of these compounds will help you feel full longer; thereby, eliminating your chances for mid-day snacking.

So if you want to attain quick weight loss or simply maintaining a healthy diet, you should remember to bring your own lunch and eat a well balanced breakfast. Eating an otherwise unhealthy diet could lead you to rely upon diet pills, such as the hoodia appetite suppressant.

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