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Bovine Colostrum

Question: How can bovine colostrum work in humans immune systems? There's this new vitamin that everyone's swearing by and in my limited understanding colostrum can only work in any mammal for the first few days of life, after that it's basically worthless in your system. I know that colosturum is what mothers (mammals) produce for their children for a short time before their real milk comes in. My dad's a veterinarian & he said if you're trying to give colostrum to a puppy you have to do it within the first 48 hours of it's life for it to be effective, otherwise it's worthless becuase it's digestive system has completely changed by that time. So how can bovine colostrum work in an adult human being who is not only not a cow, & has been digesting real food for years? The pill bottle I've seen says it's "clinically proven effective.. it provides protection against pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi and prodtozoa as well as the toxins they may produce".. & the name of the vitamins I've got are called "ImmunePro" by Pro Symbiotics.

Answer: Wow! I'm glad to hear of someone your age being skeptical about such things. It shows how smart you are. You dad is right. The "clinically proven effective" studies are usually ones done by the pill company itself or by someone paid to say it's effective. So you're right to question the use of this so-called vitamin.

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