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Goji Berry

Question: How long does it take a Goji berry tree to mature? I have Goji berry seeds, and upon finding out that they'll grow in my area I'd like to grow a few. Does anyone know how long they take to germ, and reach fruit bearing age?

Answer: I have a Goji Berry Plant of my own, and when I bought it, it was about 6 months old. And then it took 3-4 years to grow fruit. They are excellent tasting and beautiful plants, and are great tasting when they are dried, like raisins. I would suggest to not start from seed, if you would like it to take longer to actually get fruit from the plant. I would buy an "already grown plant" from a nursery, then plant it in fertile soil with no weeds or interruptions around it. If you still plan on planting it from seed, it will take about a week-2 weeks to germinate. Here is a link for some recipes: Good luck with your Goji Berry tree!

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