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Nutrient Values Of Yogurt

Question: Need Help with homework for nutrition questions concerning food labeling? This is homework i need to do for school but i can't find these answers. My parents are clueless as well. Please help my grade is lowering as it is. thank-you. Question 1 Which of the following, by law, must be on a food label? Nutrition Facts Open date Nutrient Content Claim All of the above question 2 Calorie content and % Daily Values are based on a single serving. True False Question 3 Nutrition Facts became mandatory for most packaged foods in 1994. True False Question 4 According to health claims on labels, diets low in calcium are linked to: Anemia Cancer High blood pressure Osteoporosis Question 5 Which nutrient content claim suggests the least amount of fat? Reduced Fat free Low fat Light Question 6 The ingredients on a food label are listed in descending order of weight True False Question 7 An ingredient list is very important for people with: Cancer Weight problems All of the answers are correct Food allergies Question 8 A poor diet can have consequences 20 to 30 years from now: True False Question 9 The recommended adult daily consumption of calcium is 300 mg The same in 8oz of skim or whole milk The same in 8oz of milk or 8oz of yogurt 1,000 mg Question 10 When referring to the percent daily value of important nutrients which of the following are considered correct 5% is considered low 8% is considered low 20% is considered high Both A and C

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