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Yogurt Benefits

Question: Does freezing yogurt eliminate all of its heath benefits such as kill the live cultures? Instead of eating conventional frozen yogurts or Ice Creams, I opt to freeze standard yogurts that I buy at the grocery store. However, I was wondering if by putting my yogurt in the freezer, I am killing all of the beneficial bacteria and getting rid of all of the health benefits associated with eating fresh yogurt. The yogurt that I eat is Silk! Live Soy Yogurt. Any help you have would be appreciated! Thank you for your help in advance!

Answer: This is from the stonyfield farms website: You can freeze a cup of yogurt. A cup of yogurt that has been frozen and thawed will have a different look and texture than fresh yogurt. The cultures become dormant when frozen, but once thawed either in the refrigerator or by your body heat when ingested; they will become live and active once again. There will be a few cultures that do die, but there are so many billions in our products, that it is truly insignificant. Hope it helps. -Rob

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