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Question: can someone please help me in health!!? 1.)Toast with butter and jelly would be classified as coming from which of the following groups? A. bread-cereal, milk-cheese, and fats-sweets B. bread-cereal, vegetable-fruit, and fats-sweets C. bread-cereal, milk-cheese, and vegetable-fruit D. bread-cereal and fats-sweets 2.)Skim milk is a good choice as a source of protein, vitamin D, and calcium. Which population would have the highest need for including milk in their diet? A. adults B. vegetarians C. teenagers D. athletes 3.)Parents can help children meet their nutritional needs by A. following the Food Guide Pyramid but with reasonable variation to accommodate the needs of each child. B. following the Food Guide Pyramid but adding extra protein. C. following the Food Guide Pyramid but adding extra energy. D. none of the above Points Possible:1.00 4.) People with special dietary needs A. should always take dietary supplements. B. are especially prone to dehydration. C. include athletes, infants, and people who are ill. D. should follow a vegetarian diet

Answer: Do your own homework.

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