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Question: cavity...........? ok so i had a tooth with a cavity and it was loose. i pulled out the tooth. is that bad. do i need to get it replaced. is the tooth still in the gum.. help

Answer: I think it's painful pulling it out but if the tooth was a molar, you probably have some of the root still in the gum. I would suggest you see a dentist who can have an x-ray done just to make sure there's nothing left in there. If there's something left in the gum, it'll have to be extracted. If you don't see a dentist and there's teeth left in the gum, it's gonna hurt after a while, it may take months or a year even but it'll hurt. I know cuz i've seen someone with the same problem before and the only solution was to take the remove whatever piece of tooth was stuck in there. Of course, i have had half of a tooth filling come of and nothing really happened. you can try the wait and see thingy to see it it hurts but remember, a stitch in time saves nine. good luck.

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