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Dietary Guidelines For Adults

Question: HELP! SCHOOL STUFF! HELP? The essential nutrient missing from the list below is _____. * Protein * Fat * Vitamins * Minerals * Water (Points: 2) 2. Which of the following is an almost perfect source of protein? (Points: 2) Eggs Salmon Chicken Chicken 3. Complex carbohydrates provide the body with long-lasting energy. (Points: 2) True False 4. Eating these fats may lower your bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, thus decreasing your risk of developing heart disease. (Points: 2) Saturated fats Unsaturated fats Trans fats 5. How do vitamins help to keep the body healthy? (Points: 2) They provide long-term energy. They regulate chemical reactions in the body. They maintain normal body temperature. They help release energy stored in other nutrients. 6. Major minerals include: (Choose 3) (Points: 2) folate. calcium. sodium. potassium. 7. Although usually diagnosed in adults, which of the following diseases is now being diagnosed in young people? (Points: 2) Heart disease Fatty liver disease Type 2 diabetes Lung cancer 8. The Nutrition Facts label contains information on which of the following? (Choose 3) (Points: 2) Saturated fat Expiration dates Ingredients Sodium 9. Sometimes a package will contain much more than one serving size. (Points: 2) True False 10. Which of the following is not an FDA-approved food label claim? (Points: 2) Healthy High energy Low sodium Organically natural 11. Which of the following snacks are healthy? (Choose 3) (Points: 2) Potato chips Tortilla chips with salsa Soft pretzels with mustard Air-popped popcorn 12. Meals at fast-food restaurants can be healthy. (Points: 2) True False 13. When your body is at rest, your body still burns calories. This is called your _____. (Points: 2) Basal Metabolic Rate Calorie Depletion Rate Body Frame Calorie Use Rate 14. Boys should have more body fat than girls. (Points: 2) True False 15. Which of the following are not emotional health problems that can be caused by being overweight or obese? (Points: 2) Low self-esteem Negative body image Apnea None of the above are emotional health problems that can be caused by being overweight or obese. 16. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a fad diet? (Choose 2) (Points: 2) Emphasizes one particular food or food type Encourages physical exercise Promises dramatic results Severely restricts calorie intake 17. A healthy weight-loss plan must include which of the following? (Choose 3) (Points: 2) Increase in calorie intake A visit to the doctor Physical activity Following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 18. People never die from food-borne illnesses. (Points: 2) True False 19. Always use _____ soapy water when cleaning cutting boards, dishes, utensils, and countertops to prevent the spread of bacteria. (Points: 2) 20. The four simple steps to food safety are clean, separate, _____, and chill. (Points: 2)

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