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Digestive Issues

Question: What besides probiotics is a good natural product to take to get rid of digestive issues? I've heard taking probiotics are good to help keep your digestive system balanced and healthy but is there anything else that you know that does this? Something that's even more effective for digestive issues such as recurring indigestion (which is what I've been having alot recently) and / or also chronic constipation?

Answer: Probiotics only help digestion by keeping up the populations of the beneficial bacteria of your gut. If your problem isn't due to a deficiency in those bacteria then probiotics won't do anything for you. If you are eating a healthy balanced diet, then the source of your indigestion and constipation is something else, possibly a medical condition that needs to be treated in some other manner. If you aren't eating a well balanced healthy diet, then altering it to one might solve your troubles. As a rule, constipation is directly related to the amount of soluble and insoluble fiber in the diet- a need filled by veggies, fruit and whole grains eaten on a regular basis. You can certainly include a glass of the water mix fiber drink daily, which will help with the constipation. As far as the indigestion, that might also be dietary related. Highly spiced, or high fat items lead the group as main causes of indigestion, as do very rich foods that you might be unused to eating. Eating quickly or eating too much can also do the trick, and simple stress can also do it. You might keep track of what you eat and how much, and the symptoms you associate with it for a week or so, and then see if you can detect a particular culprit. If not, then take that information with you to see the doctor, as it will be helpful in determining what really lies behind your troubles. I can tell you that it doesn't sound like all the yogurt and probiotic drinks in the world will help you with your particular complaint.

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