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Eating More Fish

Question: Why is eating more fish better then eating more meat? I noticed how the Japanese live longer and are skinnier then us Americans because they consume much more fish in their diet. Is this mainly because of the omega 3 fatty acid or what else? Thanks! Yay fish!

Answer: First off, who says fish is not meat? Fish contains a different kind of fat high in omega 3, but that does not mean that it is better than other meats. Grass feed beef is also high in omega 3 and low in omega 6, but corn feed beef, is not. Chicken is low in saturated fat, but many believe that that is irrelevant. Fish contains omega 3 but many experts do not recommend it because of heavy metal contamination. The Japanese do more than consume fish in their diet. They eat shell fish and seaweed, that are high in iodine. Almost every American is low of iodine. Low iodine, low thyroid, low metabolism. They do not eat the amount of processed food that we do. They exercise more than we do.

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