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Energy Drinks As Nutritional Supplement

Question: Top Runners. What do you eat?!? This question is preferably for top/elite distance runners. Medium distance sprinters may answer as well. I am also very well aware of putting this in the diet and fitness section. Why? because I know there are plenty of runners-especially distance runners- here that post, and this question is also about their(your) diet. I would also prefer that you compete and aim for higher accomplishments, but as long as you're qualified as "elite", it's fine.(elite being having a fairly good time with a fairly long distance) Why I need elite athletes is because they value the importance of their diet and nutritional needs. - What do you eat? including supplements. How many meals a day do you eat and how many of each supplement (if any) on a normal off-season week? Do you drink alcohol? What source does most of your energy intake come from(fats, carbohydrates)? - Thank you for taking your time to answer my question and detail a normal off-season week.

Answer: High protein with high fats. Low amounts of carbohydrates. Usually carbohydrates only before, during and after a competition.

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