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Fat Burning

Question: Fat burning? I'm doing muscle-excercises, but I don't think those would be too good, they'll just me look more massive since the layer of fat. (Ex., I have strong legs, but my legs look fat because of well...the layer of fat) So what would be some fat-burning excercises that could get rid of the layer over muscles? I'm 13 Girl Limited excercising stuff Can't walk to school And,er, I'm tryna lose a lot by May 20thish as healthily as possible

Answer: if you want to burn off fat then dont do weights b/c those are muscle building as you said (muscles underneath the layers of fat) do jogging, walking, swimming, dancing, biking, any of these will do do one of these 30 mins a day three days a week then you'd see a difference trustme, i've lost like 4 pant sizes LOL hahaha

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