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Glyco Sugars

Question: glyco test tomarrow? & my app is at 1:45 now what can i eat before i go? I think the nurse told me i can have a sandwhich but i dont get how when bread turns into sugar as i heard!!! Ahhh what can i eat tomarrow??? i think she said i can have eggs??? She told me all this a month ago so i forget but im pretty sure eggs. this is the one hour one.

Answer: Call your doctor and ask in the morning. Different doctors make different recommendations, but what you eat can definitely affect your results. My doctor had me fast for 8 hours before the test, but I've heard of some people being told to eat normally. Call first thing in the morning and have them repeat the instructions. That way you'll be sure that they'll be reading your results with the correct understanding of what's been going on. Good luck!

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