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Himalayan Goji Berry Juice

Question: Recently been told of "goji" & told it is wonderful for health. Anyone have experience w/ Goji? If so, tell. This is a juice product of special berries, expensive too. Berries only grown in one area, the Himalayan.

Answer: Himalayan Goji Juice is wonderful. The juice is better than the dried berries, though. When they are dried you lose a lot of important nutrients and alot of companies add food dye to them so they will look better. Himalayan Goji Juice is great for your health because it repairs your body at the cellular level. Here are some great websites for you to obtain more information. (this site offers personal testimonies) (type in Goji's latin name "lycium barbarum" in order to see over 75 scientific studies done on Goji proving it works) (this site explains the difference between different goji juices and dried vs. juice.) (this site shows the discovery of the Himalayan Goji Berries) There are 38 reasons to drink Goji: 1. Extend your life. 2. Increase Your Energy and Strength 3. Look and Feel Younger 4. Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure. 5. Prevent Cancer 6. Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels 7. Promote Normal Blood Sugar and Manage Diabetes 8. Enhance Sexual Function 9. Help you Lose Weight 10. Relieve headaches and Dizziness 11. Improve Your Vision 12. Improve Quality of Sleep 13. Strengthen Your Heart 14. Inhibit Lipid Peroxidation 15.Improve Disease Resistance 16. Improve Immune Response 17. Manage and Fight Cancer 18. Protect Your Precious DNA 19. Inhibit Tumor Growth 20. Reduce the Toxic Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation 21. Build Strong Blood 22. help Chronic Dry Cough 23. Fight Inflammation and Arthritis 24. Improve Lymphocyte Count 25. Treat Menopausal Symptoms 26. Prevent Morning Sickness 27. Impove Fertility 28. Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones 29. Support Normal Kidney Function 30. Improve Your Memory 31. support Healthy Liver Function 32. Alleviate Anxiety and Stress 33. Brighten Your Spirit 34. Improve Digestion 35. Maintain Healthy Gums 36. Fight Fibromyalgia 37. Prevent Allergies 38. Protect Children's health On a personal note Goji has greatly improve my and my family's health. I had a cracked vertabre and was constantly in pain. Nothing helped, until I started drinking Goji. Within a week of drinking Goji the pain was gone. My wife has uncontrolled seizures and insomnia. Since drinking Goji she hasn't had any seizures and is sleeping at night. My mother has Type 2 Diabetes and is overweight. She went to her doctor recently and had her blood work done. Her blood sugar is balanced out and the doctor is considering taking her off her Glucose pill. She also lost 8 pounds.

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