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Lower Your Cholesterol

Question: How do you lower your cholesterol level? Was trying to get life insurance but was told my cholesterol was a little high and my application was put on hold. How do you dramatically lower your cholesterol.....and no stupid eat some Cheerios advice. LOL.

Answer: actually u answered your question! yes cheerios are good 'cos they have oats in it. Eating oatmeal daily really lowers your cholesterol try avoiding fried foods, and foods that have lard, vegetable oil in them. and yes try eating leaner meat and red meat is a no, no. Add whole grain foods to your meals. Exercising helps immensely. Get your doc to test you for cholesterol and find out if he can prescibe you some meds that bring down the cholesterol count. and also by the way Cholesterol is inherited too! So it might not be just the foods you eat! So exercise, exercise, exercise

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