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Pernicious Anemia

Question: Pernicious anemia? I was diagnosed 12 years ago with pernicious anemia. I recently have been diagnosied with celiac disease. Since I am on a gluten free diet now can I quit taking B-12 shots?

Answer: Hi K K. Continuing with your B12 therapy may be a good idea. You may still be deficient in Intrinsic Factor (the cause of Pernicious Anemia). If you have doubts about your B12 level, your doctor can monitor your B12 status by periodically ordering tests of your Homocysteine and Methylmalonic Acid levels. Elevation of these two metabolites would indicate inadequate B12 status. Note: high oral doses of B12 (at least 1000 micrograms/day) may be adequate to maintain your B12 levels without shots. But, if you have been diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia, I would NOT rely on oral dosing without regular metabolite monitoring as noted above. Best wishes and good luck.

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