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Soft Candy Chews

Question: Candy as a kid? Trying to remember wrapped chews in a package. Some were licorice, some butterscotch. Soft.? The package was not fancy. They were foil wrapped chews inside. It was kind of a "grown up" candy as I remember. I have googled way too much to keep trying. I remember them being so good and very strong in flavor. Thanks.

Answer: I think they were Callard & Bowser Soft Toffees. They came in a roll, each piece was individually wrapped (I think in wax paper). They came in a plain toffee (caramel) as well as the licorice flavor that you mention. I loved those. Callard & Bowser was bought out by Wrigley's and they stopped making them. I found some very tasty licorice caramels from Utah called J Morgan that are the closest thing I know of.

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