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Weight Loss

  1. Nutritional Supplements and False Claims, Perfect Together!
    Have you ever thought about using supplements that claim to make you lose weight and help you perform better physically? This article discusses whether these products really deliver on their claims or whether most are just helping you to waste your money.

  2. Women's Health and Weight Loss Tip #2: The Importance of Calcium in a Woman's Diet
    If you're a woman, getting your daily intake of calcium is more important than you think. Find out how!

  3. Is Your Low-Carb Diet Aging Your Skin?
    Low-carb diets, while they may be effective in promoting quick weight loss, have been shown to increase inflammation in the body, according to researchers at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and University.

  4. Your Diet And Nutrition Are You An Emotional Eater?
    Many people suffer from the same eating problems, but among those eating issues, there is on that stands out. Emotional eating. For most people, it is the leading cause of abnormal weight gain, as you end up compensating for your emotional distress by sitting down for a large snack. Once and a while this is fine, but do it too often and you will find it hard to lose any weight.

  5. The Glycemic Index, What You Should Know About It
    As of late, there has been much mention about the glycemic index. Why is it that people are resorting to it as a means of weight loss and overall healthy eating choices?

  6. Why Your Diet Might Be Working Against You
    Jennifer is a middle-aged single mother with a young daughter. She has been avoiding sugary foods for a few weeks. And she has also been faithfully watching her portions. She has been exercising for an hour 4 times a week as well. However, she has not lost any weight, and doesn't know why. This is not uncommon. You might be doing everything you can to lose weight, but can't seem to make any progress. Consequently, you are frustrated or depressed and are ready to give up. ...

  7. Low Carbohydrate Diets
    You hear a lot about Low Carbohydrate Diets. They seem to be the rage. But, are they all they're cracked up to be? Learn more.

  8. Tips to Smarter Snacking
    Are you a between-meal eater? Many of us are, but that doesn't mean you have to visit the vending machine all day. There are smarter ways to snack throughout the day where you can lower your calories and still fill the hunger gap.

  9. Dieters Need More Calcium
    Women on diets need more calcium than normal to avoid bone loss, say Rutgers University researchers. Studies showed a weight loss diet of 1.5 pounds a week for 6 weeks cuts absorption of calcium. In 57 postmenopausal dieters it was discovered that those women who took 1,800 mg of calcium a day absorbed 78 percent more calcium than those who took only 1,000 mg a day. To prevent bone loss, women dieting after menopause should get 1,700 mg of calcium a day, the experts say. ...

  10. Should We Avoid Carbs?
    Very complex carbs (dietary fiber) also have a very complicated molecular structure, and also are resistant to most digestive enzymes produced by the human body. As a result, they cannot be broken down into glucose or other nutrients at all. This is why fiber transits the intestinal tract largely undigested. This has a knock-on effect on the speed of digestion of other carbs around them. For example, where certain starches are "protected" by indigestible fibrous wrapping, the...