food and nutrition


  1. Fruits And Vegetables A Healthy Choice
    Most people know that eating fruits and vegetable are good for your health. Yet many people still don't eat enough of fruits and vegetables. Experts say that everyone should get at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Increasing your vegetable and fruit intake will boost your health, you can also lose weight. You might think 5 serving or even 9 serving is a lot to ask for. But you should still try your best to achieve the goal because after all you are doing if...

  2. Hoodia Heaven
    As a certified gym rat, I'm constantly talking to different people about supplements, weight loss products, and diet foods. If it's out there, I've heard of it and probably know someone who has tried it. In the past few months, I've talked to more people about the weight loss supplement hoodia than any other product. Here are some of the things people I know have said about hoodia...

  3. Essential Nutrition For Every Woman
    As a woman, your body is very complex. Throughout every phase of your life you will require extra care and nutritional support. Today's scientific advances support a number of natural choices for women, like soy. Still, the fact remains that calcium, folic acid and iron continue to be the most important nutrients that can impact a woman's total health.

  4. Children's Vitamins
    Many parents are concerned that their children do not consume the proper foods they need to stay strong and healthy. The truth is children can be picky eaters. Some children will go through stages where they will refuse to eat anything other than a favorite food, while other children will try new foods, but do not take to them. Children's vitamins are available to parents who want to ensure their children are receiving the necessary nutrients he or she needs to grow stron...

  5. Nutritional Applications That Help Fight Against Asthma
    Asthma diagnoses have increased in today's society over the last 40 years. The causes can vary, but there are some excellent nutritional elements that can help combat asthma.

  6. A Juicy, Fun Way To Take Your Vitamins
    While kids want great taste, you want to give them the vitamins, minerals and fiber their growing bodies need. Serve watermelon and you can both be happy.

  7. Lack Of Vitamins Is The Result Of Careless Nutrition
    One of the most common deficiencies is that in iron; about two to three millions of people suffer from the lack in iron in their blood and some develop the anemia hypo ferric or the iron-deficiency, which is the latest stage of this kind of deficiency. Those who are usually in high risk are children and women in fecundity periods. Until the 80-ties this phenomena was very common with babies and little children. Although iron was added to babies' drops without testing the hemo...

  8. Fingernails: common problems and care
    Looking after your body by eating a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients and vitamins will ensure that you have strong and healthy nails.

  9. Hoodia and the Battle of the Bulge
    I have tried everything, and I mean everything to lose weight. I have been on the grapefruit diet, the low carb diet, the low fat diet and the starvation diet. While each of these allowed me to lose a few pounds within a couple of weeks, all were almost impossible for me to stay on.

  10. Hoodia and Hunger
    Perhaps you've already heard of hoodia, the unsightly and unpleasant tasting cactus-like plant which grows in the Kalahari Desert. In recent months, hoodia has received an overwhelming amount of attention from the media for it's ability to suppress hunger with no discernable negative side effects. But how exactly does this plant fool our brains into thinking we are full?