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  1. Nutritional Supplements: Are They Really Essential For Good Health
    Why should I take nutritional supplements? Can't I just eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water, etc.? A fair question. After all, quality nutritional supplements are not cheap. Let's look at the arguments for taking nutritional supplements in addition to a healthy lifestyle. Argument #1: Our foods no longer contain the nutrition they should Due to modern processing and farming methods, foods that should be high in certain nutrients no longer are. For example, the ...

  2. Lack of basic nutrition creates generation of criminals, prison system society
    The Health Ranger Mike Adams discusses a recent study showing that children who experience malnutrition exhibit strikingly increased behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior as they grow older. What specifically was missing from their diets? What's the nutritional solution for this damaging national trend?

  3. Vitamins for Youth Health and Healing Check Out Vitamin E
    Vitamin E is one of the natural antioxidants, proven to help your body fight several health problems and to fend off some of the natural signs of aging

  4. B6 Important Among the B Vitamins
    When most people hear the word "anemia," they immediately think of iron. But a shortage of Vitamin B6 can also cause a type of anemia because this vitamin is vital to the healthy generation of hemoglobin in the blood of a normal, healthy person.

  5. Vitamins How to Get the Most From Your Diet
    It's not easy to eat right, but when you are going out of your way to eat healthy you should be sure that you're getting the most from your foods.

  6. Understanding Coral Calcium
    Calcium is an essential mineral and is required for human life. However talk about the benefits of coral calcium can be confusing and may make it difficult to put into context how we can benefit from appropriate levels of calcium in the diet, be it from food or from supplemental sources. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, and has several important functions. More than 99% of total body calcium is stored in the bones and teeth providing the necessary su...

  7. Vitamins and Relief Vitamin K for Leg Cramps
    Most often, the effects of vitamins and vitamin deficiencies are spread over a period of time.

  8. Here's The Secret to Improving the Function of Every Cell in Your Body
    Everyone wants to live a long healthy life, but few of us know how to go about doing so. Most people think that as they age, getting some type of health problem or disease is inevitable. This is simply not true! All of the major causes of death--cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and injury--can be prevented...

  9. Do we get enough nutrients from our diets?
    Diet alone rarely provides optimal nutrition. The risk of developing chronic degenerative disease is associated with the nutrition habits that begin in early life and continue throughout adulthood. Most experts now agree that nutrtional supplementation is required for prolonged health.

  10. Vitamins To Supplement or Not To Supplement?
    An explanation of the vitamin controversy.